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            Industrial building

            Industrial building

            The industry close-by
            Residential districts and industrial areas are not easy to combine. Yet, in increasingly more areas they are coming closer together. This development demands additional attention for noise control. Neighbouring residents must not be inconvenienced by noisy production processes, fans or incoming and outgoing trucks. And safety requires increased attention as well. Merford anticipates these trends with fitting solutions for safe access and ventilation. 

            Noise control and access engineering
            Optimal noise control within, near and on the building. We can help you in countless ways to comply with noise pollution-related legislation. Interior building noise absorbing solutions, for example, or sound insulation around the cooling units installed on the roof. Our experts develop their approach on the basis of a site visit or on the basis of drawings and specifications. This enables us to properly respond to your specific needs in terms of noise control and access engineering. A safe and functional environment is a priority. Depending on your industry and wishes, Merford makes a contribution to this with doors that are sound-proof, fireproof, burglary-resistant, ventilating or airtight and that are suitable for use in an ATEX environment, for example.

            Sustainable quality
            We are continuously working on improving our products. Providing due consideration to energy efficiency and sustainability definitely is part of this. For example, we have experience with LEED and BREEAM and we would be pleased to assist you in reducing your CO2 footprint.Thanks to our own acoustic testing room, we can guarantee that all of our doors, ventilation grids, sound dampers and other products meet our stringent quality criteria. In addition, our products are tested and classified by independent recognised bodies, so that they are guaranteed to comply with the latest laws and regulations. 

            Additional Information
            If you are interested in knowing what Merford can do for you, contact us for additional information without obligation by using the link on the right side of this page.