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            Nucor Memphis

            Customized steelmill operator cabin for Nucor Memphis (US)

            Thanks to its special coating, the operator cabin really stands out
            Design of the operator cabin's lower and upper floor

            Nucor Bar Mill is a steel production company located in Memphis that distinguishes itself by processing carbon and alloy steels into guardrails, rebar, wires and similar steel products. Each year 9 million tonnes of recycled iron is melted down to produce new products. A few years ago the operators of the Ladle cranes began to experience symptoms related to working in the high temperatures prevailing above the liquid steel. In addition, their visibility was limited due to the deficient design of the cabins and the misting of the glass. Furthermore, the physical load experienced by the operators became too difficult to bear. The limited visibility, the need to continuously look down and the deficient layout of the consoles forced the operators to assume an incorrect work posture, which ultimately led to physical complaints among the operators.

            A cabin that is completely geared to its environment
            Nucor Bar Mill decided to involve Merford Cabins to help the company find a solution that would solve all of the problems experienced with the old cabins. The new cabin was to provide a safe, comfortable and efficient work environment for the operator. In coordination with Nucor Bar Mill, Merford developed an application-specific cabin, which was principally shaped to conform with the most important and most often used viewing angle. The composition of the entire cabin and the placement of the windows is fully geared to the process and the location of the cabin in the crane.

            Extensive equipment
            The special heat reflecting glass is easier to clean, stays cleaner for longer and keeps the extreme heat outside the cabin. In addition, the operator cabin is equipped with a high-quality air conditioner positioned in a space above the operator cabin. A heavy duty HVAC and filter system were installed in collaboration with the German firm FrigorTec. The system produces an optimal temperature and provides a constant flow of filtered air. Thanks to the HVAC and filter system, the air from outside the cabin is continuously cleaned and used to keep the climate in the cabin bearable. To aim for a good working posture and avoid physical complaints, an Ergoseat H was installed in the cabin. This suspended operator control unit makes it ergonomically feasible to complete long operator shifts. In addition, thanks to the special coating, dust is not sticking to the cabin. For this reason alone, the Merford Cabin is clearly distinguishable from the old operator units, even at a distance.