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            Operator cabins and Ergoseats for MultiRio (BR)

            MultiRio posesses the capacity and materials to load and unload ships relatively fast
            MultiRio has 3 STS- and 12 RTG-cranes
            Merford delivered 12 operator cabins for RTG and 2 operator cabins for STS, whereof one is pictured here

            MultiRio is a modern container terminal located in the port of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The terminal has two berths and modern equipment designed to load and unload large container ships relatively fast. Merford has supplied various operator cabins for STS and RTG cranes since 2010, all equipped with Merford’s ergonomically responsible Ergoseat.

            A first for MultiRio
            In 2010, Merford supplied two STS cabins equipped with the Ergoseat to MultiRio via the Chinese company ZPMC. These were the first Ergoseats that Merford supplied for a container terminal in Brazil.  When a need for new equipment for the STS and RTG cranes emerged, MultiRio once again approached Merford to supply operator cabins.

            The Ergoseat is a winner
            MultiRio was very pleased with the Ergoseats supplied with the STS cabins in 2010. That same year another six RTG cabins were supplied, also equipped with Ergoseats. Another six RTG cabins were ordered in 2013. The Ergoseat enables operators to work in an ergonomically responsible and therefore healthy way for long periods of time. The benefits of the operator seat were so consequential that MultiRio decided to equip all cranes with an Ergoseat. Following the delivery of the six newest RTG cabins in 2014, all MultiRio operators will be able to take their place in an Ergoseat.