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            Carpet factory Genemuiden

            Housings for machines in carpet factory in Genemuiden

            Situation before the installation
            Situation after the installation
            Situation after the installation

            Two machines and other equipment were installed in a new production hall for a carpet factory in Genemuiden. Unfortunately, these machines made too much noise so it was a priority to address this problem. In order to meet the specified sound criteria, Merford installed two SKS model sound-insulating housings.

            In 2011, a carpet manufacturer in Genemuiden expanded its production facilities with a new production hall. Two new machines were installed in this hall. The machines produced so much low-frequency noise that they required sound insulation to meet the requirements in the company’s operating permit.

            To achieve this, Merford, in collaboration with an acoustics consultant, produced two SKS model sound-insulating housings. These housings are configured to achieve significant sound insulation in the low 63 Hz frequency range. An SKS panel with an extra acoustic layer was used for this purpose. Merford supplied and installed the large sound-insulating SKS housings with big detachable roof panels. This makes it easier to maintain the machines regularly. The actual level of sound reduction was measured by the acoustics consultant. The level of reduction of 14 dB in the 63 Hz range, which was required by the company’s permit, was achieved.