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            Mission & philosophy

            Mission statement
            The Merford Group provides a wide and varied range of products and solutions. Yet a single guiding principle is common to all our efforts: to improve the climate of your living and working environment, by offering an all-inclusive concept. 

            Our experienced staff guarantees the highest possible quality of both our products and services. Supplemented and supported by three fully equipped production and installation crews, Merford offers you the best possible solution.

            Nowadays, increasingly attention is being given to the unique mix of requirements the modern working environment creates. We recognise that a pleasant and ergonomically safe working environment benefits not just productivity, but also the well-being of people. 

            On the one hand, we demand ever higher levels of comfort. On the other hand technology offers better solutions all the time. In order to meet your ever-changing requirements and provide the best possible solution, Merford maintains a permanent focus on new developments and innovations, both in products and solutions. Providing a constant quality is one of our priorities. Standardisation of products helps achieve this. It is the best guarantee for a reliable product. 

            In coming years, Merford will increasingly develop its strengths as a service provider, putting you as the customer in firm control. 
            Our goal is to ensure that you never have to worry about anything, by providing the best possible products and service, the shortest possible turnover times for parts, and sophisticated service offerings.