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            Industrial Door

            Industrial Door

            Merford's industrial door is a versatile access solution. The door can be combined with panels, sections and grates, which means that it can be used for virtually any application. Furthermore, the industrial door can be produced in the form of an escape door.

            Industrial doors
            Industrial doors

            Merford's steel industrial doors are often used as access doors to industrial complexes. These steel hinged doors, combined with Merford's panels, sections and/or grates, constitute a flexible detachable façade. These MB type doors are equipped with a double-walled door-leaf, internally fitted with mineral wool insulation. By using a special rubber profile, cracks are properly sealed.

            The door is available with an espagnolette lock or a panic bar. The MB type doors are available in stainless steel on request. 

            Industrial Door - Applications

            • Sheds and production halls
            • Storage areas, warehouses and distribution centres
            • Automobile companies
            • Parking garages
            • Workplaces
            • Prefab housing