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            Fire-resistant Door

            Fire-resistant Door

            Brandwerend Fire-resistant up to 120 minutes (NEN 6069-1991/EN 1634-1)

            Merford fire-resistant doors are available in single-leaf, as well as double-leaf versions, and as emergency escape doors. The EW30 and EW60 models come in standard sizes, while the other models are delivered custom-made.

            Fire-resistant door in a cinema
            Fire-resistant door in a cinema
            Fire-resistant door in a theatre
            Fire-resistant door with escape function
            Fire-resistant door
            Door model              Fire-resistance
            Merford EW30  
            • 30 min. fire-resistance (EN 1634-1, EI-2 and EW)
            • Optional sound insulation to Rw approx. 37 dB (EN 20140/717-1)
            Merford EW60  
            • 60 min. (EN 1634-1, EI-2 and EW) or 120 min. (EN 1634-1, EW) fire-resistance
            • Optional sound insulation to Rw approx. 33 dB (EN 20140/717-1)
            Merford MF51  
            • 60 min. fire-resistance (NEN 6069:1991)
            • High sound insulation rating by default: Rw = 51 dB
            Merford MFT  
            • Up to 120 min. fire-resistance (NEN 6069:1991/EN 1634-1)*
            • High sound insulation rating by default: Rw = 49 dB
            • Thermal insulation

            * The number of minutes of fire-resistance is highly dependent on the implementation. Contact us for additional information.

            Combining Features
            Some of our fire-resistant doors can be equipped with sound insulation and various other features:

            Geluidsisolerend Sound insulation to Rw = 56 dB (EN-ISO 140-3)
            Anti Paniek Panic bar (EN 179/EN 1125)
            Anti Inbraak Burglar-resistance in accordance with Resistance Class II and III (EN 1627)
            Kogelwerend Bullet-resistance in accordance with Class FB4 (EN 1522-1)
            Atex Suitable for use in ATEX environments

            For additional information go to the combining features page.

            Fire-resistant doors - Applications
            Merford's fire-resistant doors are perfectly suited for a wide range of applications. Some examples:

            • Technical areas (laboratories, emergency power generating rooms, motor rooms, test rooms)
            • Theatres and concert halls
            • Cinemas
            • Cafés and discotheques
            • Sport halls
            • Government buildings
            • Offices and conference halls
            • Non-residential buildings

            Relevant cases

            • Endemol
              XL sound-insulating doors Endemol studios

              Endemol is an Amsterdam-based production company that produces multiplatform entertainment content, including numerous well-known television programmes. Its premises include a number of studios in which various soap operas and sports programmes are recorded. Merford recently fitted the studios with new extra-large sound-insulating doors.