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            Ventilation Systems

            Ventilation and sound-reduction in a total solution

            In many industrial applications, heat or ventilation is an unavoidable factor. In such installations a ventilation system is indispensable. Merford offers different solutions designed to provide a combination of ventilation and sound-reduction.

            Mars Veghel Geluiddempers Voor Ventilatoren Van Maalmachines
            Rolls Royce Geluiddempers Voor Gebouw WKK Motoren Kwekerij
            Ventilatie Van Datacenter Met Gecoat Rooster
            Aanpassing Geluid En Lucht WKK HB Energy
            Anglo Belgian Corporation Geluiddempers Voor Ventilatie Testcel

            Approach to noise
            In many cases the level of sound emitted by a ventilation opening is higher than desired. Merford offers solutions that guarantee the desired sound level, as well as the desired ventilation. On the basis of (noise) source data, the design takes environment conditions, such as temperature, rain, snowfall or air containing dust into account. The design also takes the installation environment, or the local fire safety and explosion safety requirements into account. As such, our ventilation solutions range from a ventilator with a splitter silencer and a roof cap, to a complex heating and heat recovery system with a silencer and filter.

            Custom-work and standard solutions
            Merford has extensive experience in combining noise control and ventilation into a single solution. Our advice for an effective approach starts off with measuring or calculating the sound level to be attenuated, followed by determining the heat specifications, air passage and spatial possibilities, resulting in the design of a suitable system. In doing so, we apply our standard components where possible and custom-work where necessary. The result: an efficient, high-quality solution with reliable performance in terms of noise reduction. The solutions are delivered as a pre-assembled component and, if desired, are mounted on-site by our own technicians. In addition to engineered solutions, we also supply a series of standard solutions, such as louvres, sound-insulating doors and splitter silencers. Visit our page with acoustic components for an overview of these standard solutions.

            Experienced Partner
            Merford has 35 years of experience with the application of ventilation systems in various industrial sectors, as a result of which we understand your specific problem perfectly. Merford always provides you with a ready-for-use solution. We provide noise control guarantees so that you can be sure that the solution meets your specified requirements.


              Applications   Features
            • Compressors
            • Transformers
            • Pumps
            • Gas turbines (power plants, boilers)
            • Combustion engines (e.g. CHP, bio-gas or emergency power)
            • Sound insulation Rw up to 50 dB
            • Sound absorption coefficient α to 1
            • High efficiency (in terms of energy consumption, as well as the use of available space)
              Options   Finishes
            • Roof cap
            • Outside wall grid
            • Ductwork (self-bearing)
            • Sound-insulation
            • Filtering
            • Heating/cooling
            • Louver blades
            • Thermal insulation
            • Fire-resistance
            • Explosion-resistance
            • Sendzimir galvanised
            • Stainless steel
            • Aluminium
            • Zinc-magnesium
            • Carbon steel
            • Powder coating or wet enamel (C2 to C5 or customised spec) in RAL colours

            Relevant cases

            • Bausch & Lomb
              Merford reduces noise from Combined Heat and Power station

              Contact lens manufacturer Bausch+Lomb is rightly proud of the state of the art combined heat and power (CHP) station at its production site in Waterford (Ireland). And Merford Noise Control is rightly proud of the acoustic solution provided to reduce CHP noise to acceptable levels. The architect responsible for designing the expansion project had some special requirements.

            • West of Duddon Sands Offshore Wind Farm
              Noise control for transformers West of Duddon Sands Offshore Wind Farm

              On behalf of Royal Smit Transformers, Merford Noise Control has developed a set of sound-insulating enclosures for the large power transformers and shunt reactors of an offshore wind farm. The enclosures have been equipped with sound-insulated ventilation systems. This combination limits the emission of noise to a sound power level of 70 dB(A).

            • Praxair
              Total acoustic solution for Praxair compressor building in Antwerp

              In 2013, the American company, Praxair, announced the construction of a second air separation plant in the port of Antwerp. The plant is scheduled to be delivered in mid-2016. Merford has equipped a large compressor building in this plant with measures designed to make the entire building silent to its surroundings.