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            Enclosures for noise control

            The noise generated by machinery in industrial environments can easily exceed legal limits and constitute a serious risk to the health of production personnel or nearby residents. Acoustic enlosures reduce the noise pollution of noisy machines and installations without affecting efficiency or tidiness.

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            Modular solution for any application
            The many custom-work options in terms of insulation, absorption, form, dimension and finish enable Merford to offer a good solution to virtually any noise problem, for existing as well as new installations. Merford’s enclosures can be constructed using individual panels, making it possible to disassemble the enclosure fully or in part. Furthermore, hatches, doors, or walls and roofs that slide fully open can be installed, which means that your machinery is always sufficiently accessible and can continue to perform optimally.

            Experienced partner
            Merford has 35 years of experience with the application of enclosures in various industrial sectors, as a result of which we understand your specific problem perfectly. Merford always provides you with a ready-for-use solution. We provide noise control guarantees so that you can be sure that the enclosure meets your specified requirements.

            View the key features and possibilities of application of our enclosures below. Download the technical product sheets from the banner on the right for additional information.


              Applications   Features
            • Production machinery
            • Cooling machinery and systems
            • Combustion engines
            • Compressors and pumps
            • Transformers
            • CHP systems
            • Bio systems
            • Offshore applications
            • Sound insulation Rw up to 50 dB
            • Sound absorption coefficient α to 1
            • Flexible design using modular system
            • Indoor and outdoor applications
            • Demountable
              Options   Finishes
            • Doors, windows, hatches and covers
            • Self-bearing system
            • Removable roof and/or wall and/or panel
            • Ventilation and air conditioning systems with and without filters
            • Lighting
            • ATEX implementation
            • Crane gantry system
            • Fire safety system
            • Comprehensive installation service
            • Sendzimir galvanised
            • Stainless steel
            • Aluminium
            • Special finishing layer for extreme weather conditions
            • Coating (C2 to C5 or customised spec) in RAL colours

            Relevant cases

            • Bausch & Lomb
              Merford reduces noise from Combined Heat and Power station

              Contact lens manufacturer Bausch+Lomb is rightly proud of the state of the art combined heat and power (CHP) station at its production site in Waterford (Ireland). And Merford Noise Control is rightly proud of the acoustic solution provided to reduce CHP noise to acceptable levels. The architect responsible for designing the expansion project had some special requirements.

            • West of Duddon Sands Offshore Wind Farm
              Noise control for transformers West of Duddon Sands Offshore Wind Farm

              On behalf of Royal Smit Transformers, Merford Noise Control has developed a set of sound-insulating enclosures for the large power transformers and shunt reactors of an offshore wind farm. The enclosures have been equipped with sound-insulated ventilation systems. This combination limits the emission of noise to a sound power level of 70 dB(A).

            • Siemens
              Merford produces enclosures for compressors on Edvard Grieg oil platform

              In 2013, Merford was awarded a contract for the design and construction of four sound-insulating enclosures for Siemens Energy Oil & Gas for the Norwegian production platform Edvard Grieg. The enclosures will be installed around Siemens compressor trains on two decks of the platform’s Process Module. The compressors will be used to transport gas from the production platform to the Scottish coast and to the Sleipner A platform, as well as for re-injecting gas into the field. To protect operators in the immediate environment of the compressor skids, it was decided to equip the installations with sound-insulating enclosures.