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            RMG cabin

            RMG cabin

            Rail-mounted gantry (RMG) cranes are increasingly found at container terminals. These cranes are generally used for loading and unloading trains that transport containers to and from the container terminal. The crane generally travels great distances in order to be able to fully load and unload long trains. Merford’s RMG cabin provides the operator with a pleasant work environment in which it is possible to work efficiently and ergonomically. 

            Merford's RMG-cabin is characterized by the efficient design, which makes it easier for the operator to work more effective and ergomic

            Ergonomics-driven efficiency
            Merford’s RMG operator cabin not only provides the operator with a safe and healthy work environment, the operator’s level of efficiency can be expected to increase as well when the RMG cabin is combined with the ergonomic Ergoseat H. The RMG cabin is equipped with a walkable glass floor. The Ergoseat is designed to enable the forearms to be used for support and to promote a better neck and back posture. The consequence is that it becomes easier for the operator to repeatedly look in certain directions. An RMG crane generally travels many kilometres in a single day. Merford’s RMG cabin is therefore equipped with vibration damping and sound insulating materials in order to reduce external influences, such as vibrations and disrupting noises, as much as possible.

            The above-referenced elements represent but a few of the possibilities that Merford has to offer. Merford is familiar with all aspects that make it possible to create a pleasant, safe and efficient RMG operator cabin. Furthermore, the company has the ability to apply all of these aspects in the development of an operator cabin that meets every wish and requirement.