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            Custom-made cabins for Offshore

            The offshore sector is subject to sophisticated safety and maintenance standards. Merford Cabins has acquired the right certifications that enable it to comply with the applicable standards. This does not mean that the development of a custom-made cabin for offshore applications is a matter of course. Crane vessels, jack-up rigs and pipe laying vessels are generally custom-made and fully developed and fitted up in accordance with the vessel’s purpose. Over time, Merford Cabins has become a specialist in the development of specific cabins that on many fronts are fully geared to their intended application. To provide you with a clear picture of the degree of specificity applied to the development of Merford Cabins, this page contains a brief description of several past projects.

            Gusto MSC
            Saipem 7000

            Reference project: Saipem 7000
            Merford Cabins recently developed several cabins for the Saipem 7000; the second largest crane vessel in the world. The two large main cranes were each outfitted with a new custom-made operator cabin. Each of these cranes is capable of lifting 7,000 tonnes. Safety consequently was a priority in the design of these cabins. Two Ecocabs were manufactured for the smaller contento cranes.

            Reference project: Oleg Strashnov
            An operator cabin was developed for Seaway Heavy Lifting under contract to Gusto MSC for the main crane on the Oleg Strashnov, the largest mono hull heavy lift crane vessel in the world. This cabin is of course designed to withstand any weather conditions that can occur at sea. For example, the cabin has been coated with a special paint that can withstand a great deal of salt water and its assembly does not contain any aluminium, so that the cabin is corrosion-proof.

            Reference project: Heerema
            Heerema owns the largest crane vessel in the world: the Thialf. This vessel is used for various tasks, such as the placement and relocation of drilling islands and other offshore installations. The vessel has two large main cranes with a total lifting capacity of 14,200 tonnes. The Thialf was built in the eighties and had two cabins suspended at the right hand side of each crane. For its recent renovation and overhaul, it was decided to install both cabins at the outside of the cranes. This meant that one of the cabins had to be relocated to a different position. Merford Cabins co-managed this process and supplied two new, reliable cabins.

            There is a solution for every challenge, no matter how specific the challenge. Our specialists would be pleased to provide you with advice concerning the possibilities in your own situation.


            Relevant cases

            • Allseas Solitaire
              Unique operator cabin for Solitaire offshore pipelay vessel

              On behalf of ELMA, Merford has produced a custom-made cabin for the Solitaire owned by Allseas, one of the largest pipelaying vessels in the world. Pipes are welded together on this type of vessel, after which they are lowered to the bottom of the sea as a single unit, and carefully laid down in the right position. Based on a line of sight analysis, Merford developed and produced the most ideal cabin based on the characteristics of the crane and the ship. The cabin is equipped with various innovations that enable to operator to work more efficiently and which enhance his safety.

            • Saipem
              Operator cabins for main and contento cranes Saipem 7000

              The Saipem 7000 is the second largest crane vessel in the world and is primarily used as a lifting workhorse for drilling platforms. The ship has several special characteristics. The vessel is not only almost 200 metres long and more than 80 metres wide, it also houses two large cranes, each capable of lifting 7,000 tonnes. Merford was involved in the replacement of two cabins for the main cranes, as well as the smaller contento cranes and the helideck.