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            Industrial Custom-made Solutions

            Industrial Custom-made Solutions

            We are convinced that working effectively and at a high level of quality is only possible in a pleasant and quiet work environment, without noise pollution from machinery and other sources. This is why we have been working on reducing all kinds of sources of noise to an acceptable level in all applicable industries for the past 35 years.

            Full-service solutions
            Merford conceives and implements the best possible solutions for your noise problems, and alleviates any burden whenever possible. We take the total project off your shoulders. This includes surveying the local situation, measuring noise levels, engineering the solution that best fits your particular situation, production, logistics and on-site assembly.

            Noise control guarantee
            We will look after any project for you, such as sound insulating housings, screens, ventilation systems, test cells or exhaust gas silencers, or all of these elements combined into a single project. And all this with a guarantee that we will achieve the agreed upon noise level.

            After 35 years of relevant experience, we have access to the most innovative tools. For example, a calibrated sound test room and the most advanced sound meters. This gives us the possibility to push technical boundaries to their utmost achievable limits, compare alternative solutions or simply find the simplest approach for larger batches or complex problems. In addition, we combine traditional technologies with innovative technologies, such as anti-noise, in order to guarantee you the best possible solution. This way you are assured of getting the highest achievable result or the best price-performance ratio.


            • Enclosures
              • Sound insulation up to 50 dB
              • Sound absorption coefficient α to 1
              • Flexible design using modular system
            • Operator Rooms
              Operator Rooms
              • Employees are protected from noise and more
              • Sound insulation up to 50 dB
              • Demountable
            • Test Cells and Measurement Cells
              Test Cells and Measurement Cells
              • Sound insulation up to 50 dB
              • Sound absorption coefficient α to 1
              • Flexible design using modular system
            • Ventilation Systems
              Ventilation Systems
              • Custom acoustic ventilation
              • Sound insulation up to 50 dB
              • Sound absorption coefficient α to 1
            • Acoustic Screens
              Acoustic Screens
              • Sound insulation up to 30 dB
              • Optional integration of ventilation
              • Available with doors and windows
            • Absorbent Panels
              Absorbent Panels
              • Robust, industrial solution to resonance
              • Sound absorption coefficient α to 0,9
              • For walls and ceilings
            • Active Noise Control
              Active Noise Control
              • Applicable with tonal noise situations
              • Limited space needed
              • Continuous remote supervision

            Relevant cases

            • Bausch & Lomb
              Merford reduces noise from Combined Heat and Power station
              Contact lens manufacturer Bausch+Lomb is rightly proud of the state of the art combined heat and power (CHP) station at its production site in Waterford (Ireland). And Merford Noise Control is rightly…
            • EBI racing
              Test cells for EBI Racing Cologne (DE)
              Kremer Racing is a German racing team for historical and classic cars which defines itself as a “Motorclinic”. The company calls itself this way because of their main activities in the rebuilding,…
            • Ghent University
              Effective acoustic research in the hemi-anechoic chamber of Ghent University
              During the first months of 2016 Merford Noise Control realized a hemi-anechoic room for Ghent University, Belgium. Chambers like these get used for acoustic research where reverberations must be avoided. The room…