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            Various industries are involved in the movement of very large and heavy equipment at sea, such as platforms and cable lines. A special vessel with equipment designed for this purpose is required for such equipment. These vessels generally are large and one of a kind, which means that each one is unique and requires a special approach. This equally applies to the equipment needed for the onboard cranes.

            A unique sector
            Projects that fall within the scope of the offshore sector generally stand out in terms of their unique character. Vessels that are required to carry out such projects must be designed for this purpose and their equipment consequently generally is flexible in nature. Transfer equipment must be able to make unusual twists and turns as well as move hundreds of tonnes. This not only requires a higher class crane from a technical perspective, the operator must be able to carry out the required tasks in all safety and as efficiently as possible.

            Cabins that can withstand rough treatment
            This is an area in which Merford Cabins has proven itself. Due to our many years of experience and expertise, we can develop crane cabins that are fully geared to their environment and that comply with all safety and effectiveness-related requirements. It goes without saying that the offshore industry is subject to the highest possible safety standards. We have the certificates and expertise needed to assure you of a safe and reliable cabin that can withstand rough treatment. For the investor, this is a high-performance cabin, which requires little maintenance and furthermore does what is required of it in the most efficient way. For the operator, our cabin is a safe haven, where ergonomic comfort is key and working effectively becomes a natural standard.


            • Ergoseat H
              Ergoseat H
              • Hanging unit
              • Optimal field of view
              • Ergonomic sitting position
            • Ergoseat S
              Ergoseat S
              • Ergonomic sitting position
              • Looking downwards healthily
              • Universal applicable
            • Heavy Duty Seat
              Heavy Duty Seat
              • Stable and shock proof
              • Adaptable seat and consoles
              • Adjustable air suspension
            • Offshore - custom-made
              Offshore - custom-made
              • Safety and efficiency
              • Opt. expansion with componants
              • Fully customizable cabin
            • Ecocab
              • Spatial by innovative design
              • Good vision round the cabin
              • Opt. delivered with Ergoseat S
            • Ecocab NEO
              Ecocab NEO
              • Ecological cabin
              • Sustainable and reusable parts
              • Nearly energy neutral thanks to solar cells
            • NOVA
              • Contemporary design
              • Broadly applicable
              • Multiple options
            • Cinderella
              • Combustion instead of flushing
              • Safe and durable
              • Power supply: 220-230 V

            Relevant cases

            • Saipem
              Operator cabins for main and contento cranes Saipem 7000
              The Saipem 7000 is the second largest crane vessel in the world and is primarily used as a lifting workhorse for drilling platforms. The ship has several special characteristics. The vessel is…