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            Bulk Handling

            Bulk Handling

            The bulk handling sector is an exceptionally heavy industry. Naturally this sector imposes severe demands on the equipment that processes and moves these raw materials. The operator cabins must be designed accordingly. Aside from the cabin’s effectiveness, its ergonomics and safety, and the operator’s health are factors that deserve proper attention. For Merford Cabins these aspects are standard considerations.

            Customisation as the standard
            By assessing the specific application and listening properly to the wishes and requirements of the investor and end-user, Merford Cabins can provide the optimal operator cabin for any use. Air management, as well as lines of sight, quality, ergonomics, comfort and safety are standard aspects considered during the design of just the right configuration for the cabin. In part due to our broad experience in this sector at various locations throughout the world, we are able to consider every possible condition that a sophisticated layout of an operator cabin could possibly require. We include these considerations in a focused consultation meeting with you during which we would be pleased to provide you with advice and jointly determine the most suitable configuration for your cabin. Merford Cabins has the right ingredients in-house to meet virtually any need.

            Cabin components
            In addition to operator cabins, Merford Cabins also supplies specific operator control units, filter units and climate control units. We have everything in-house needed to create a pleasant and healthy work environment for the crane operator. Merford Cabins would be pleased to assist you in your search for the best possible work environment for your crane operators, even for the heaviest industry.


            • S Cleaner
              new S Cleaner
              • Dissolves grease and dirt
              • No water needed
              • Clean cabin windows in 8 min.
            • Bulk Handling - custom-made
              Bulk Handling - custom-made
              • Cabin fitted to it's application
              • Efficiency thanks to customization
              • Safety and ergonomics
            • Ergoseat H
              Ergoseat H
              • Hanging unit
              • Optimal field of view
              • Ergonomic sitting position
            • Ergoseat S
              Ergoseat S
              • Ergonomic sitting position
              • Looking downwards healthily
              • Universal applicable
            • Heavy Duty Seat
              Heavy Duty Seat
              • Stable and shock proof
              • Adaptable seat and consoles
              • Adjustable air suspension
            • Ecocab
              • Spatial by innovative design
              • Good vision round the cabin
              • Opt. delivered with Ergoseat S
            • Industrial Climate Control
              Industrial Climate Control
              • Automatic climate control
              • Heating and ventilation
              • Autom. colling and demisting
            • Filter Unit
              Filter Unit
              • Dust-, carbon-, and chemical filters
              • Filters are easy to replace
              • Gives a replacement signal
            • Cinderella
              • Combustion instead of flushing
              • Safe and durable
              • Power supply: 220-230 V

            Relevant cases

            • EMO Rotterdam
              Customized operator cabins for bulk handler EMO Rotterdam (NL)
              EMO is a bulk terminal located in the Netherlands and is the largest bulk goods and transhipment company in Europe. The terminal is located on the Maasvlakte in the Port of Rotterdam…