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            Successful introduction of the Ecocab NEO in Amsterdam

            10-16-2015 by Merford Cabins
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            Stand OE15
            Ecocab NEO

            This week Merford Cabins launched the Ecocab NEO at the Offshore Energy exhibition in the Netherlands. It is not a surprise that Merford chose this event for the launch of the world’s first sustainable operator cabin as the show is an institution within the industry.

            Sustainable innovation
            Merford Cabins is a leading supplier of operator cabins in various sectors, including offshore, marine, ports, steel and mining with the products being supplied across the globe. The company stands for creating a comfortable, healthy and safe working environment. With the introduction of the Ecocab NEO they have taken this to the next level. The Ecocab NEO was developed on the basis of a crystal-clear philosophy: wherever sustainable alternatives are feasible and reusable materials are available, these should be used.

            Five pillars
            The Ecocab NEO is founded on five pillars, starting with the operator’s health. First, a significant improvement is made possible by not using harmful substances in the construction of the cabin and by selecting materials that are VOC-neutral. This also impacts Merford’s employees, the second pillar. The third pillar comprises the environment; the company tries to keep its ecological footprint as small as possible. The cabin incorporates reused and reusable materials whenever possible, the fourth pillar. Finally, and this is the fifth pillar, the Ecocab NEO is equipped with a solar panel on the roof, so that the cabin can supply virtually all of its own power.

            Click here to go to the Ecocab NEO product page.