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            Sightline study for operator cabins provides certainty in terms of ergonomics and efficiency

            04-02-2014 by Merford Cabins
            A sightline study provides insight into the situation around a crane and discover the best cabin layout.
            Taking on the perspective of the operator makes it clear what is visible to the operator and what is not.

            Employee efficiency, safety, and health. These are aspects that play an increasingly important role in harbours, heavy lifting, and heavy industries. An ergonomic work environment for an operator can contribute a lot to these aspects. To achieve this, an operator must be able to see his work area without physical stress. A sightline study provides a solution.

            Merford Cabins is very experienced in carrying out sightline studies. 3D drawings and advanced analysis are used to discover the optimum position for the cabin and what the best configuration should be. This guarantees a healthy sitting position for the operator and improves efficiency and safety.

            A safe and efficient work process using ergonomics
            It starts with the analysis of the situation. This provides an accurate picture of the crane and the work process it is used for. It is also important to know what the operator must be able to see so that the work process can be carried out safely. This must result in the optimum position for the cabin. Design software is used to provide a realistic depiction of the situation. The following step is the analysis of the operator’s tasks. This data is used to create the layout (of the seat or control desk) that includes all necessary communication and operation components. During the design of the seat or control station, the body posture of the operator is taken into account. This could lead to a specific seat combination. Merford has scientific knowledge in the field of ergonomics and this allows it to present one or more practical concepts in a short period of time. The last step is creating a cabin that protects the operator from environmental factors, such as heat and cold, radiation, the entry of sunlight, dust, gases, noise, vibrations, movements, pollution, explosions, etc. However, the design of the cabin must not interfere with the operator’s view.

            Sightline analysis as basis for design
            Different sitting positions for the operator are studied to discover the blind spots and boundaries of the lines of sight. The most important sitting positions are identified and analysed. When the operator is not physically stressed in being able to see important objects during the work process then the adjusted cabin design can be elaborated further and actually manufactured.

            The guarantee of a suitable cabin
            A sightline study provides significant added value for every operator cabin. This is particularly so in the industrial sector, where virtually every situation is unique. The result of a sightline study and the collective knowledge of climate control technology, noise management, design and production technology allow Merford to create a safe and efficient work environment. This contributes to the safety and efficiency of the crane or the work process. Do you want more information? Please contact us via the blue banner to the right.