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            New straddle carrier cabin with PeBra Pivot

            07-10-2012 by Merford Cabins
            Straddle carrier cab with PeBra Pivot

            Many Straddle Carrier operators suffer from physical complaints resulting in fatigue, limited performance or even incapability. The cause of this problem is a combination of high neck rotation because of driving forward and backward, low back and neck flexion because of looking downward, dynamic forces because of shocks, swing because of uneven port areas, rubber tires and acceleration and deceleration.

            Merford combines mechanical and electrical design skills together with the knowledge of ergonomics and practical experience of straddle carrier operator issues. Putting this together Merford created a safe and efficient working environment for this challenging operation.

            By introducing the PeBra Pivot control station in combination with a micro steering wheel, both the neck and low back rotation and flexion are highly reduced. This results in a significant reduction of physical complaints. Besides, while driving and specifically during loading and landing of both 20” and 40” containers, this visibility is extremely improved.

            Optimal visibility is achieved by using in a specific rotation position of the control station and a micro steering wheel. Further more visibility is improved by using smart structures, optimized cabin composition, the best glass selection and a sustainable demisting system.

            The physical load is highly reduced by using the PeBra Pivot control station with all necessary ergonomic adjustments and using low frequency shock suspension. The inside of the cabin is provided with high quality upholstery and finishing. This results in perfect noise insulation and absorption, a nice air deviation of both the demisting and AC system and easy access to accessories.