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            Merford produces first Cradle to Cradle operator cabin in the world

            05-16-2017 by Merford Cabins
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            Ecocab NEO 1

            Merford's Ecocab NEO is the world's first sustainable Cradle to Cradle (C2C) certified cabin. This means that the separately used materials can be reused. Furthermore, the creation of an ergonomically sound and comfortable workplace with a healthy interior climate was the leading design principle. 

            Merford aims at creating a healthy, safe and comfortable housing, working and living environment. It offers a wide range of products and services, ranging from producing ergonomic cabins for cranes, vessels and vehicles to providing noise control solutions for individuals and large-scale industrial projects. 

            Proper Workplace
            "At Merford, we are convinced that anyone can make a contribution to a cleaner and better world," says David Buschman, General Manager at Merford Cabins. "We are contributing by means of the Ecocab NEO, whereby we primarily took the needs of the ultimate end-user into account. It must be possible for the operator to be comfortably seated, have an excellent view, be exposed to little or no vibration or noise, and be able to work in a pleasant environment – even in hot climates. A proper workplace leads to satisfied employees, better results and less absenteeism. Ultimately, the entire organisation benefits from this." 

            C2C Methodology – Basic Principles
            The cabin carries the Cradle to Cradle Bronze Certificate, which indicates that the separately materials can be reused and have been analysed for the presence of undesirable substances. Buschman: "The initiative of producing a sustainable cabin originated from our engineer Marco Kers. He further developed the approach in cooperation with his colleagues. We quickly ended up adopting the Cradle to Cradle certification methodology; it incorporates the basic principles we were looking for." 

            Market Frontrunner
            SGS Search provided Merford with the necessary guidance during the certification process. "Having introduced sustainability to this market makes Merford a true frontrunner," says Jeroen Kanselaar, Senior Consultant at SGS Search. "Merford has as much as possible used Cradle to Cradle certified products in developing the cabin. Many suppliers did everything in their power to comply with Merford's wishes and requirements. That resulted in some interesting conversations and wonderful cooperation." 

            Infectious Enthusiasm
            A sustainable and healthy product was the wonderful outcome of this process. But Merford derived even greater benefits from this initiative. "The enthusiasm of all parties involved in this project – internally as well as externally – was infectious. Projects of this nature stimulate further innovation and that is of crucial importance to the Dutch manufacturing industry. It created a lot of energy within the company," says Buschman.

            Supply and Demand
            When asked about Merford's sustainability ambitions, Buschman answers: "We definitely want to continue down this path; as a company we are undertaking various initiatives in this area. Of course, it will always be a question of supply and demand, but we are showing the market that today there are opportunities for making more sustainable purchases. If the demand grows, we will certainly keep pace with this growth." 

            Visit the Ecocab NEO's product page for additional information about the cabin.