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            Power generators

            Power generators

            Power generators and (no-break) emergency power supplies: we can no longer do without them. Construction would come to a standstill without generators and it would hardly be possible to stage events. A power failure costs the industrial sector millions and can even cost lives in hospitals. Furthermore, communication is impossible without electricity. It is therefore fortunate that we can use generators to generate electricity. The only thing is that they make too much noise! To protect the people living or working near a power generator, the maximum sound level is established in law. That poses a challenge for the manufacturers of generators.

            Sound reduction
            Emergency power supplies come in all kinds and sizes. Emergency power supplies, power packs, pump sets, rotating UPS systems... No matter which kind, to achieve a reduction in sound first requires a thorough analysis of the problem. Merford has its own specialists, an acoustic laboratory and an acoustic camera in-house for this purpose. We investigate stationary as well as mobile systems. Next, we tackle the sound problem at its source, while providing due consideration to ventilation, construction and sustainability. And of course with due consideration to ease of service and maintenance. You have the option of selecting a total solution with a sound guarantee, or separate components. For example, absorption or reverberation elimination materials or sound damping grills with a product guarantee.

            Reducing CO2 emission
            Generators nowadays are increasingly manufactured in accordance with the TIER 4 emission standard in order to reduce CO2 emissions. This means that the generator’s motor requires larger quantities of cooling air. We take this into account in our total solutions. However, our separate ventilation grills are also designed to be able to handle larger quantities of air.

            Additional information
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