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            Climate engineering

            Climate engineering

            When it is too warm or too cold, this interferes with our functioning. Air conditioning, heating and ventilation are the answers to this problem. However, when the noise of these devices has a disrupting effect, the problem still is not solved! The sound coming from climate control technology can even be hazardous to our health, for example, due to the stress it causes. The Buildings Decree responds to this problem by, for example, limiting the permissible noise level generated by CH boilers. For manufacturers in the climate engineering sector this only means one thing: there is work to be done.

            Customisation and innovation
            Climate technology is a multifaceted and comprehensive market. Merford sees a challenge in this. We jump on every sound problem with our wide range of acoustic materials. For example, to reduce the noise of air conditioning units or to damp the noise made by mechanical ventilation units. Naturally we also take your wishes related to areas such as fire safety, ventilation, sustainability and moisture-resistance into account in this respect. Customisation and innovation play a key role. For example, we also engineer noise-reducing solutions for new energy efficient combined heat and power plants in CH boilers and heat recovery systems.

            Just-in-time delivery
            Whether you manufacture heat pumps, heat recovery systems, ventilators, air distribution systems or CH boilers, we would be more than pleased to assist you in making your installations quieter. For example, by incorporating sound-absorbing materials into the product. We conduct tests and measurements in our own test room just as long as it takes to achieve the desired effect. Once the product is ready for the market, we deliver just-in-time, so that your production never comes to a halt.

            Additional Information
            If you are interested in knowing what Merford can do for you, contact us for additional information without obligation by using the link on the right side of this page.