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            Container Handling

            Container Handling

            Changing consumer behaviour, new technological developments... These are factors that keep world trade and container transport in continuous motion. Merford is therefore always looking ahead. With innovative solutions and an eye for detail, we continue to support container crane operators so that they can carry out their work efficiently and with due care.

            At the forefront
            Ships and the cargo they carry are increasing in size. Cranes have to adjust to this trend. This also applies to operator cabins. What was expected from an operator cabin fifteen years ago cannot compare to what is needed today to safely and efficiently control a ship-to-shore crane, a straddle carrier, an RTG or an RMG crane. For years, we have been developing cabins that provide operators with an optimal work environment. For example, Merford Cabins has refined its STS container crane cabin over the years such that it is the best cabin anywhere in the world in relation to virtually all aspects. Naturally, we are very proud of this!

            Efficiency and precision
            In the dynamic world of container handling, efficiency and precision are key aspects that can be easily inadvertently overlooked. However, these elements are of major importance to container terminals that want to remain viable. A functional cabin with ergonomic equipment makes a significant contribution to these key aspects. This is because, as our experience shows, operators in an ergonomic, comfortable and safe cabin work more efficiently. Better concentration, less fatigue, less absence due to chronic physical complaints, greater work enjoyment and higher crane productivity.

            Standard or custom-made?
            Merford has a variety of standard cabins. But we are also the right partner for custom-made cabins. Be sure to contact us for additional information by using the link on the right side of this page. If you want to learn more about our operator cabin solutions for this sector, click here to view the product range of Merford Cabins for container handling.

            • Related cases

              The German crane construction company Tobies awarded Merford a contract for the construction of an operator cabin for several German inland ports in cities such as Neuss, Cologne and Duisburg. Because there is less space, the cabin's dimensions are smaller than the normal wharf cranes at seaport terminals. Nevertheless, the available space is put to optimal use and all cranes are equipped with a comfortable and efficient cabin equipped with a standing Ergoseat.


              MultiRio is a modern container terminal located in the port of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The terminal has two berths and modern equipment designed to load and unload large container ships relatively fast. Merford has supplied various operator cabins for STS and RTG cranes since 2010, all equipped with Merford’s ergonomically responsible Ergoseat.