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            Water management

            Water management

            Water plays a major role in our lives and it is no longer possible to imagine our society without it. On average, we consume 120 litres of water per person per day, for drinking, washing, cooking and showering. Drinking water companies make sure that water simply flows from the tap. Sewage purification plants are subsequently involved in treating our wastewater. However, other companies are involved with water as well. District water boards and district water control boards are responsible for managing surface waters, for example. Merford has fitting access engineering solutions for all of these parties. 

            Doors for any application
            Merford Special Doors has been supplying stainless steel doors and hatches for years to large drinking water companies and sewage purification plants. However, there are more applications for our watertight access engineering. While the water is channelled via pumping stations, sewers and pumping cellars, we want freedom of movement around these installations. For example, in order to carry out maintenance work on a lock or to examine the condition of an underground civil work. Merford creates watertight, rust-proof doors and hatches for those situations as well.

            Watertight and safe
            Watertight doors and hatches keep water in or out as the case may be. However, watertightness is not the only important requirement in this sector. To keep unauthorised personnel out, Merford Special Doors supplies burglary-resistant doors. Most certainly when our valuable drinking water is at issue, it is good to know that the complete access control is provided by a party with a great deal of experience. Merford is that party. Regardless of whether the doors are custom-made or manufactured in series, all of our solutions are extensively tested and comply with the applicable standards and requirements. 

            Additional information
            If you are interested in knowing how we can help you with your water management-related problems, contact us without obligation by using the link on the right side of this page.