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            Material Handling

            Material Handling

            Sorting waste, moving steel beams or loading tree trunks onto transport vehicles: each individual material handling application requires a different type of crane. A crane used for a blast furnace has to meet different requirements than a crane operating in a forested area. Merford supplies material handling crane cabins for any specific environment. Always with a sharp focus on the operator’s well-being!

            Excellent field of view
            A key requirement in material handling is for the operator to have clear visibility. A clear view of the situation around, under and sometimes even above the crane. By equipping our cabins with a ‘floating’ seat, a glass floor, ceiling window and, for example, larger windows on each side of the cabin, we optimally contribute to working safely and efficiently. We also eliminate glare and reflections from the windows.

            A cabin operator has to assume many different, often unnatural positions to be able to optimally carry out his/her work. The ergonomic way in which our cabins are operated ensures a safe and healthy body posture during all activities. A comfortable, pleasant work environment enables the operator to work more efficiently and results in reduced absence due to back and neck injuries.

            All types and dimensions 
            Merford supplies standardised cabins that already meet many of the market’s wishes and requirements. But it is not a problem for us to supplement the existing design with additional features. We would be pleased to advise and guide you in this respect. For example, we could do this by meeting with your operators or by observing them during their work. This way we are always working on improving our quality!

            If you are interested in our material handling cabins, do not hesitate to contact Merford Cabins by using the link on the right side of this page. If you want to learn more about our products for material handling, click on one of the links below.


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              Merford has, in collaboration with organization for certifications TÜV, tested the roof windows of her Ecocab and Sennebogen port cab. The roof grid of the Ecocab is tested as well. The objects were tested with a falling 7 kg-steel ball thrown from a 2 meter height. After a succesfull completion of the test, the windows and grid meet the requirements of the EN 13852-2: 2004 and EN 13000: 2010 standards for offshore and mobile cranes. Click to watch a summary on YouTube, including slowmotion pictures of the impact.