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            Power supply

            Power supply

            The growing world population and economic developments ensure that the demand for energy continues to increase. Furthermore, the expansion of residential areas means that people increasingly live close to industrial plants. This includes the growing number of power generation and supply facilities. Generating, storing and distributing energy makes a great deal of noise and furthermore involves many risks. Merford responds to this with fitting sound reduction and access engineering solutions.

            Noise control
            Energy plants, switching stations and transformer stations, for example. All of them guaranteed to make more than its share of noise, while at the same time they are often located in quiet or residential areas. The culprits are the machines that are installed in these areas for extracting, generating or distributing energy. With sound insulating housings or other turnkey solutions, Merford reduces the sound level to legally established values. Noise control is the main objective, however, safety and sustainability naturally are also key areas of focus. We naturally incorporate requirements in terms of air conditioning and filtering, fire resistance, explosion safety and heat recovery into our custom-made solutions.

            Access engineering
            Merford Special Doors serves the energy sector in various ways. This includes doors for combined heat and power (CHP) housings, anti-penetration grills for (prefab) transformer housings or ventilating grill doors for interior transformer rooms. Here too a combination of desirable and necessary properties is a key benefit of our solutions. Burglarproof, fireproof, explosion-resistant or sound insulating: we combine all of these properties to create the most suitable design.

            Additional information
            If you are looking for a reliable partner for your energy projects, contact us for additional information by using one of the links on the right side of this page. If you want to learn more about our operator cabin solutions for this sector, click here to view the product range of Merford Cabins for heavy lifting.

            • Related cases
              London transformer station
              London transformer station

              In the heart of London, the transformers of a power distribution station could be heard by local residents. Merford installed an acoustic screen with the NoiseTrap® technology developed by Sonobex. A revolutionary metamaterial technology where sound is passively cancelled in the panel and natural ventilation is also possible. Network operator UK Power Networks was the first to successfully use this technology for the substation in the Bayswater district, London.

              Westland Infra
              Westland Infra

              A transformer station owned by Westland Infra Netbeheer in the Dutch town of Poeldijk has recently been fitted with an Active Noise Reduction (ANR) system. This makes use of a technology which is also known as anti-noise. There were plans to build new houses close to the transformer station so the transformer station had to meet certain noise requirements. Merford was asked to find a way to reduce the noise pollution levels to a maximum of 40 dB, at a distance of 21 metres on the side of the station where the houses were to be built. An ANR solution was developed to be installed in the transformer station so the sound emissions were reduced to the required levels.