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            Studio construction

            Studio construction

            Musicians, television producers, as well as audiologists, for example. They all need a space where sound is heard most clearly. In a studio, disruptive sounds are kept out, the acoustics can be perfectly adjusted, any top hits still to be published stay secret from others and no one needs to be concerned about sound pollution. However, a studio can also be perfectly used as a (mobile) meeting room. Merford offers various solutions designed to create a sound or recording studio. This includes structural solutions, as well as comprehensive modular cabins.

            A fitting solution
            End-users, such as cultural centres or schools, are faced with different challenges than contractors responsible for building a structural studio. We would be pleased to work with you to develop the most appropriate solution. We use acoustic materials to create studios in existing or newly to be constructed areas. However, most often comprehensive cabin studios offer the best solution. These studios can be disassembled and therefore can be taken along in case of a move, or they function as a temporary on-site solution. It is also possible to create custom-made studios depending on the available space.

            Cabin Studios: solid and quiet
            We would like to review the acoustics required for your studio with you: additional reverberation is sometimes desirable, while at other times it is absolutely undesirable. The entire studio in any event is independent of the building structure so that the sound is well-insulated. Special reverberation eliminating panels contribute here as well. Aside from this, the complete Merford sound studio package consists of walls, ceiling, floor, ventilation, the room’s acoustics and the sound insulating door. To be able to guarantee the end-result we look after full assembly in most instances. In this case the studio will be in place within a few days and without any concern on your part.

            Additional information
            If you are interested in finding out what Merford can do for you, contact us for additional information without obligation by using the link on the right side of this page.