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            Interior design and finishing

            Interior design and finishing

            When it comes to having a comfortable environment, people often first think of climate control, light and aesthetics. Only once the space has been fitted up and put into use does it become apparent that the acoustic climate is just as important. Traditional ceiling and wall finishings increasingly often are replaced by acoustically hard materials, such as concrete, glass and steel. Disruptive reverberations are the result. Floors, walls and ceilings without sufficient sound insulation also contribute to creating an unpleasant acoustic climate. As a designer or interior finisher you would much prefer to stay one step ahead of this situation and incorporate acoustic solutions into your work.

            Ready-made or custom-made
            Merford can immediately supply what you need from its extensive inventory of sound-absorbing and insulating materials. Our webshop contains a wide range of tested and certified solutions for walls, floors and ceilings. Acoustic panels and contact sound insulation, for example. If possible we will measure and assess the situation on-site in order to propose a fitting solution. Not only the sound aspect is of importance: the design, small environmental impact, long lifespan and fire safety also play a role. Customisation certainly is an option: we supply acoustic materials in any desired form. This offers clear benefits in terms of aesthetics, as well as finishing and assembly.

            Service and advice
            As a finishing company you often need to work with materials that are prescribed by the specifications. A favourable price and delivery time are not the only things you need, however. Good advice is also important in terms of saving time and money. For example, our specialists will help you estimate the assembly methods correctly, so that you are not confronted with any unpleasant surprises. If a product other than a Merford product has been prescribed in terms of acoustics, insulation, uncoupling or for eliminating reverberations, there is a good chance that we can help you obtain that as well. Of course, you will be introduced to our own alternative as well.

            Additional Information
            Contact us for additional information about our products and services without obligation, by using the link on the right side of this page.