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            Data centers

            Data centers

            When we speak about the volume of digital data throughout the world, we are talking about many billions of gigabytes. Each year the volume of data increases exponentially. Photos, documents, tweets and e-mails: it can all be found online or stored in a cloud.  The information is not literally suspended in the air, but is stored in large data centres. And these in turn are increasing in number as well. These spaces to which we entrust all of our correspondence, memories and even our secrets, must be well protected.

            Data centre security
            The Netherlands operates as an internet exchange in Europe, which is why there are many data centres in the Netherlands. It comes as no surprise then that a Dutch company such as Merford has a great deal of experience protecting these buildings. Burglary protection has the highest priority when it comes to developing doors for the outer shell. Our doors for the interior climate not only offer protection against burglary, but are furthermore highly fire-resistant. The reason for this is the large number of devices within a data centre. For that same reason, ventilation is an absolute necessity, but then as quietly as possible. Merford supplies a wide range of products for acoustically damped ventilation.

            Points of presence
            To receive data in our homes, our entire country is equipped with cable and optical fibre networks. Distribution stations (POPs) in every district provide switching to every home address. Merford also offers solutions for securing these points of presence (POPs), in the form of burglary-resistant access doors and impenetrable ventilation grids.

            Additional Information
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