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            Commercial construction

            Commercial construction

            Versatile real estate
            Office space in an abandoned factory building, dancing the night away in the old train station and music lessons in the former city hall... The current market encourages us to be creative in how we use non-residential buildings. For that matter, new buildings are multi-purpose as well. Multi-functional centres where education, sports and culture for different target groups go hand-in-hand come to mind, for example. The versatile use of real estate represents a wonderful challenge for architects, contractors and interior finishers. This is certainly true when it comes to controlling sound, as well as access engineering.

            Sound control and special doors
            When buildings are re-purposed, the acoustics often do not match their new use. That can be a major drawback. Another challenge inherent in renovations is the layout of the new technical areas. It is of key importance that the doors to these noisy rooms are sound-proof, as well as fireproof, for example. Cooling units on the roof must not create bothersome noise for the neighbourhood and a lease with a fitness club must not cause vibrations throughout the entire building. Our experts in sound control and special doors are there to help you with professional advice and a fitting solution. This of course applies to existing buildings, as well as new development projects.

            Sustainable and stylish
            Energy efficient construction and renovation: fortunately this is increasingly a natural consideration. Merford is pleased to collaborate on this sustainable development. For example, we have experience with LEED and BREEAM and we would be pleased to assist you in reducing your CO2 footprint. However, sustainability is not the only thing that matters: appearance is also important. With a stylish design and prints, Merford responds to the attention focused on the appearance of non-residential buildings. For example, functional sound panels or theatre doors are transformed into surprising design elements.

            Additional Information
            If you are interested in knowing what Merford can do for you in new development or renovation projects in the non-residential building sector, do not hesitate to contact us without obligation by using the link on the right side of this page. Furthermore, Merford also has various solutions for the industrial building, interior design and finishing sectors.