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            Wonderplant Greece

            CHP units for grower fitted with unique sound insulating housing

            The installation was commissioned around the turn of year 2013-2014
            Steel structure according to Eurocode Standard I and III, earth quake resistant
            1 of 4 sound absorbing and sound insulating enclosure compartments
            Main components are installed through the removable front side of the enclosure
            Our 3D design allows for optimal fine tuning of components
            Extra care has been taken for finishing details

            An exceptionally large greenhouse for a new tomato farm near the Greek location Drama was fitted with four CHP installations to supply the greenhouse with electrical power heat. In close collaboration with CHP supplier and client MWM Benelux BV, Merford Noise Control installed a unit consisting of four adjacent sound insulating housings with a recirculation system that reuses the dissipated heat.

            Tomato greenhouse Wonderplant is the largest investment ever in Greece in the field of horticulture. It is also a unique project in Greece where there are hardly any high-tech farms. The greenhouse covers a total of 11 hectares. In terms of local understanding, it is a project of exceptional proportions that provides a vigorous boost to regional employment. The delivery and construction of the complete CHP plant was performed by MWM Benelux BV, which in turn engaged Merford to design the sound insulating housing for the installations and install it on site.

            It is an extraordinarily large housing. The total length is 22 meters and it is 18 meters wide and 4 meters high. The front side is fitted with a removable wall section so that the generator can be installed and extensive maintenance activities can take place. The steel structure is earthquake-resistant and constructed according to Eurocodes I and III. Several facilities supporting the emergency coolers and pipe works are integrated in the steel construction. The air intake systems have a special rain hood fitted with filters. In addition, the housing has a ventilation system with recirculation bypass to maintain the optimum climate in the housing and an optimum engine efficiency. The exceptionally good cooperation between Merford Noise Control and MWM Benelux, but also the significant contribution of other suppliers and the end-user, resulted in meeting the very tight deadline for this project. The end result was worth the effort.