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            Uddeholm Hagfors

            Custom-made operator cabin for Uddeholm Hagfors (SE)

            The custom-made operator cabin is equipped with an Ergoseat H and heat-resistant glass
            Despite the time pressure, the operator cabin was installed without any problems

            In collaboration with our local agent G.O. Bromsteknik AB, Merford recently designed and supplied a cabin to Uddeholm AB in Sweden. Uddeholm is a manufacturer of high-quality steel that is used to produce tool steel bars. An important requirement was that the project be completed in a short period of time. This was no easy task, given that a rotation mechanism secures the crane to the roof. In addition, the original air conditioning had to be reused and the cabin enlarged where possible.

            Unique crane, unique cabin
            The cabin is installed in a crane that is used for filling the oven and pouring the steel bars. What makes this crane special is the securing of the construction to a rotation mechanism. The rotation mechanism is required so that various operations can be performed. Uddeholm had certain requirements that the cabin must satisfy. They wanted the cabin to be fitted with an Ergoseat H, heat-resistant glass, and to be larger than the existing cabin. In addition, the current air conditioner had to be reused and the rotation mechanism replaced. And all work had to be completed in a short time period.

            Performing under time pressure
            All involved parties had to work quickly to complete the job in the desired fast time frame. Merford drew up a proposed design based on existing drawings and supplementary information. This concept was discussed with the client during a visit to Sweden. In collaboration with local agent G.O. Bromsteknik, Merford researched the new position of the rotation point and the maximum size of the cabin. This was elaborated in a concrete proposal. The cabin was delivered on time for installation during a shut down in the summer.