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            Operator cabins for Tobies bridge cranes in Germany


            The German crane construction company Tobies awarded Merford a contract for the construction of an operator cabin for several German inland ports in cities such as Neuss, Cologne and Duisburg. Because there is less space, the cabin's dimensions are smaller than the normal STS cranes at seaport terminals. Nevertheless, the available space is put to optimal use and all cranes are equipped with a comfortable and efficient cabin equipped with a standing Ergoseat.

            German Inland Ports
            Tobies is a crane construction company that primarily supplies the German market. The company has produced five bridge cranes for several German inland ports with container transport. These cranes look after the efficient movement of containers from inland waterway vessels onto the wharf, and to truck or train and vice versa. Merford assumed responsibility for the design and production of the operator cabins for these cranes.

            Optimal Configuration
            The cabins are attached to a turntable, which makes it possible to move the containers more precisely. Furthermore, the cabin is attached to a rail, which gives the operator greater freedom in terms of determining his/her position in relation to the spreader. In addition, this makes it easy to clean the platform's windows and the cabin's folding glass floor. The cabins are equipped with the Ergoseat S, which allows the operator to perform his/her work in an ergonomically responsible way. Due to the cabin's configuration, the view to the left and to the right, as well as down, is excellent.