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            Steam turbine for power plant

            Steam turbine equipped with detachable housing

            SKS housing for a steam turbine
            SKS omkasting stoomturbine
            Opening Clauscentrale
            Access door in the steam turbine's SKS housing
            SKW type sound-insulating walls around the condenser

            Maasbracht has been the home-base for one of the Netherlands' power plants for many years. A new power plant was added in 2012. The new power plant has a steam turbine that Merford has equipped with detachable enclosure. The condenser has been addressed as well and was equipped with various sound-insulating walls.

            In recent years, a new power plant was built alongside the existing power plant in Maasbracht. In addition, part of the existing plant was modernised. Merford in the past had delivered a large number of sound-reducing solutions for the existing plant. Now, almost 15 years later, Merford was contracted to replace part of this work and to implement additional measures.

            Merford supplied and installed a fully custom-made SKS type sound-insulating enslosure around the existing steam turbine. The ability to disassemble the enclosure was a strict customer requirement. The enclosure consists of 16 detachable walls and 10 detachable roof elements. The structure can be assembled in a single day. In addition, Merford supplied and installed SKW type sound-insulating walls around the existing condenser for a total of approx. 750 m2. The enclosure and the walls were entirely engineered, drawn, produced and assembled by Merford (acoustics, ventilation and construction). On June 26, 2012, the renovated Clauscentrale power plant was officially opened by Maria van der Hoeven, Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA), and Peter Terium, RWE's Vice-CEO.