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            Operator cabins for main and contento cranes Saipem 7000

            Saipem Exterieur Small
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            The Saipem 7000 is the second largest crane vessel in the world and is primarily used as a lifting workhorse for drilling platforms. The ship has several special characteristics. The vessel is not only almost 200 metres long and more than 80 metres wide, it also houses two large cranes, each capable of lifting 7,000 tonnes. Merford was involved in the replacement of two cabins for the main cranes, as well as the smaller contento cranes and the helideck.

            New custom-made and standard cabins
            In 2011, Merford was approached by the Dutch automation company ELMA to develop two identical cabins. This operator cabin, which was placed on both main cranes, operates the winches designed to guide the crane’s lifting object. At this point it was already known that operator cabins of the main cranes, as well as those of the contento cranes had to be replaced. Following the installation of the cabins on the main cranes, Merford was approached by Saipem to develop the operator cabins for the four other cranes on the vessel as well. The small contento cranes were each outfitted with an Ecocab in consultation with Saipem. This standard cabin can be produced quickly and thus delivered over a short period of time. Saipem’s Ecocabs were designed with a suspension frame and platforms that could be mounted on the crane’s pedestal.

            7,000 tonnes does not just move all by itself
            The new operator cabins for the main cranes were custom-made. The key characteristic of these cabins is that they do not have a floor. The cabins will be placed on the existing foundation of the previous cabins like a ‘hat’. With a joint lifting capacity of 14,000 tonnes, it is of extreme importance that the operator cabin is completely geared to the operator’s work. Safety and ergonomics were high priorities in the development of the cabins. The offshore safety standards were therefore leading in this process.

            Helideck shack control station
            In 2014 Merford received another request for the Saipem 7000. This time it concerned the helideck shack control station. The person in charge of operating helicopter landings and take-offs makes use of this cabin. Thanks to the control station, the employee is protected against weather influences and helicopter noises. The cabin is built according to the A60 offshore requirements. During fall 2015, the cabin was completed.