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            Public Power Corporation

            Fully equipped cabins for mine stackers for Greek Public Power Corporation

            Drone footage of PPC mine spreaders Greece (movie by ABB)
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            Dimosia Epichirisi Ilektrismou (Public Power Corporation) is the largest electric power company in Greece. One of the sources used to generate electricity is the coal mine at an excavation site in the Greek region of Western Macedonia. One of the stacker cranes here is being refurbished. This includes the replacement of the cabins. Merford was contracted to supply two cabins and was asked to carefully listen to the operators’ requirements. 

            Almost identical twins
            The key task of the stacker crane to be refurbished is to convey rubble to a single area. The operators in the cabins control the conveyor belt used to move the rubble. Aside from the sides, the two cabins are largely identical. One of the cabins has side windows, while the other cabin only has a front window. The latter cabin does not have side windows, because in view of the crane’s position immediately adjacent to the conveyor belt, this would be a high risk for the operator. Any falling pieces of debris could fall through the window.

            It was possible to integrate virtually all of the operators’ requirements into the available space. The cabins include a refrigerator and personal lockers with an ingenious locking system. A ribbed tubular heater near the front window prevents the operators from experiencing any cold radiated through the windows. In addition, an ingenious drainage system means that the operators do not need to constantly climb up on the crane to provide the window washers with water. Condensation from the air conditioner is collected and channelled to the window washing tanks.

            Dust and Vibration
            A common problem in mines is dust. The operator is not affected by this, because the cabins are equipped with a filtering unit. This unit refreshes the supplied air and creates a positive pressure within the cabin to keep dust out. The crane’s vibrations are absorbed by vibration dampers that are used to attach the cabin to the crane. Furthermore, the operator seat, the Heavy Duty Seat, is also equipped with shock absorbers. These interventions significantly reduce the probability of complaints due to vibrations. Due to the Heavy Duty Seat’s ergonomic consoles, all primary functions are within reach.