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            New cabins for reclaimers in Greek mineral mine

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            At the start of 2015, Merford Cabins developed an operator cabin for Public Power Corporation SA (PPC), the biggest energy producer in Greece. PPC has a mine in Megalopoli, in the middle of the Peloponnesus. Reclaimers are used to excavate the mine and transport the materials to the conveyor belt. Merford was asked to produce cabins for two of the existing cranes.

            Opencast mining
            In Megalopoli, reclaimers are used for opencast mining. This is a surface mining method where the materials are extracted from a groove on the surface. The reclaimers have a ‘bucket wheel’ featuring large buckets. These scoop out the mine walls, collect the material and empty it above a conveyor belt which transfers the bulk to a central belt.

            A. Ekkentro
            On behalf of A. Ekkentro, Merford worked on the development of a modern cabin to support the operator in his work. To improve the operator’s working environment, it is important to understand the process. Merford visited the mine to map the process as carefully as possible. During the tour, it soon became clear that many improvements could be made to the existing cabin.

            Heavy Duty Seat
            During the design phase Merford paid significant attention to visibility, dust, temperature and vibrations. The cabin was placed on vibration absorbers to minimise the vibrations associated with the work. Using an overpressure system developed by Merford, overpressure was created and the incoming air was filtered. The operator uses the heavy duty seat, which Merford developed for heavy industrial situations. This seat prevents vibrations and movements affecting the operator and its work processes. The result is a cabin which allows the operator to work safely and efficiently. Both cabins have been installed on cranes in the spring of 2015.