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            Enexis switching station

            Sound-insulating housings for Enexis switching station

            Sound-insulating SKS external housings around the Enexis substation
            Overview of Enexis substation
            Silenced ventilation on the SKS housing

            A substation in Bergen op Zoom is designed to absorb peaks in the electricity network through choking coils. Merford supplied two sound-insulating external housings that absorb the frequency peaks and heat related to this process. Both housings have two sound-insulating doors.

            Enexis is responsible for the electricity network in the Netherlands. An expansion was planned for the substation in Bergen op Zoom that involved the installation of 4 choking coils, among other things. The choking coils absorb peaks in the network. This can cause an annoying 125 Hz buzzing noise and a lot of heat.

            The noise produced by the choking coils had to be reduced by means of a housing (max. 50 dB at 1 metre) and heat had to be ventilated. At the same time, the individual choking coils had to remain safely accessible for service and maintenance. Merford had to achieve this in a very limited space, but without affecting the emergency escape routes from the neighbouring building. 

            Merford Noise Control supplied two sound-insulating SKS external housings with silenced ventilation. Each housing contains two choking coils, each separated by an SKW partition. This makes it possible to safely carry out maintenance on one choking coil while the other can continue operating. Access to the choking coils is through 2 sound-insulating MH47 doors in each housing.