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            XL sound-insulating doors Endemol studios


            Endemol is an Amsterdam-based production company that produces multiplatform entertainment content, including numerous well-known television programmes. Its premises include a number of studios in which various soap operas and sports programmes are recorded. Merford recently fitted the studios with new extra-large sound-insulating doors.

            Endemol, one of the largest TV production companies in the Netherlands, has its own studio facilities at its premises in Amsterdam. The company asked Merford to develop three large, double-leaf doors for its studios, in which it records a number of well-known Dutch soap operas and sports programmes, such as Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden and Fox Sports Eredivisie (Fox Sports Live and Fox Sports Centraal).

            Endemol opted for Merford’s sound-insulating doors because during recordings it is vitally important that the sound stays inside the studio and that any noise from outside is excluded so that the broadcasts and recordings are as professional as possible. The doors were manufactured in an extra-large format and are an impressive 3.25 metres high. They need to be this height to enable the necessary scenery to be rolled into the studios.

            It was decided to use double-leaf sound-insulating MN53 doors. These doors are fire-resistant for 30 minutes and are manufactured with closers and a closure order regulator. To guarantee fire-resistance, the doors should be able to close automatically. The closure order regulator closes the passive and active door leaves in the correct order, which is a strict requirement for guaranteed fire-resistance. One of the doors is also fitted with holding magnets to keep the door open when necessary. In the unlikely event of a calamity − for example, a fire − a signal from the fire alarm system deactivates the holding magnets and the doors close automatically. The doors are also fitted with an electric door opener so that only authorised persons can open them with their badges and card readers.