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            Acoustic test cell adjacent to noisy Emerson production facility


            A subsidiary of Emerson Climate Technologies is located at the foot of the High Fens in the municipality of Welkenraedt in Belgium. Emerson asked Merford to create an acoustic test cell that would enable the company to measure the acoustic power of its compressors in spite of the noise produced by the production hall. The acoustic test cell supplied by Merford consists of two superimposed SKS enclosures and meets this requirement.

            Research Department
            Emerson is a producer of heating, cooling and freezing compressors for commercial, industrial and private use. The factory in Welkenraedt specialises in various areas including scroll compressors for industrial cooling and freezing applications. The company also has a research department to test Emerson’s products. To test the compressors’ acoustic power there was a need for an acoustic test cell. Merford developed a detached test cell for this purpose.

            The acoustic measurement room was built on the box-in-box principle, on a floating concrete foundation. The two SKS enclosures were superimposed in order to achieve maximum insulation. The test cell has double exterior and interior doors, with the last one having a 100-millimetre thick absorption layer, the same as in the walls. It was necessary to avoid the ventilation system’s ductwork, equipped with heavy dampers, from being mechanically connected to the two enclosures. The air displacement in the ducts is barely audible and discharges the toxic cooling gas, which is heavier than air, in the event of a possible leak. The discharge is therefore close to the ground.

            Acoustic Power Measurements
            The production area located next to the test cell produces a noise level of 97 dB(A). However, this is barely audible in the acoustic chamber. The background level of this noise has been reduced to 28 dB(A). Due to the accurate design and assembly of this project, it is now possible to run thorough compressor acoustic power measurements on any day.