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            DSM Botlek

            Full acoustics package for DSM Botlek compressor

            Sound-insulating housing around DSM compressor
            Silencer incorporated into the DSM sound-insulating housing

            A wide range of measures for controlling noise emissions has been implemented for a DSM compressor in Botlek. It now has a watertight sound-insulating housing and silencers.

            To reduce the compressor's noise emissions, DSM asked for a full package of measures:

            • Sound-insulating housing
            • Intake filter
            • Silencer

            Merford supplied a sound-insulating, watertight housing suitable for outdoor use. The housing is fully fitted with a steel construction, lighting, EPDM roofing, rainwater drainage and all other required facilities. 

            In addition to the housing, a filter housing for Trox pre and post-filters and an anti-icing system were also supplied. Finally, the sound was reduced by using a stainless steel 304 blow-off silencer. This reduces the noise from 141 dB(A) after the valve to 80 dB(A), at a distance of 1 metre. This met the acoustic requirement. The entire unit was installed subject to the strict rules of the SCC safety certificate.