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            Unique test cabins for Caterpillar diesel engine manufacturer

            Caterpillar is a manufacturer of diesel engines and tests the completed engines in-house. Merford was asked to develop a testing unit capable of significantly reducing sound emissions. Five test cabins with a total length of 100 metres were developed. They have a unique layout consisting of separate compartments that can be moved electrically.

            Caterpillar manufactures diesel engines with a capacity ranging from 5,600 kW to 16,200 kW. They are produced in series and are extensively tested. The tests make a  deafening noise - 105 dB(A). This is very harmful for the operators and so had to be significantly reduced. The requirement was 75 dB(A) around the test site and 60 dB(A) in the operating cabin.

            In addition to the noise-related requirements, there were requirements concerning the air supply for the engines. This had to take account of the combustion air for the engine itself and the cooling air needed for removing the heat. This varied from a 120,000 to 240,000 m³/h air supply and an 80,000 to 120,000 m³/h air discharge. These air quantities had to be available at all times at a temperature of between 5 and 20°C.

            Merford designed, produced, delivered and installed 5 test cabins for Caterpillar. They meet the specified requirements in terms of sound, ventilation and flue gas engineering. These requirements resulted in the construction of an engineering structure 100 m in length, 16 m wide and 15 m high, and subdivided into 5 compartments. These can be opened electrically by moving the corner rolling doors at a speed of 6 m/minute, and weigh around 63 tonnes each.