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            Bundle cleaner operator sits safe and dry in Merford cabin

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            Peinemann Equipment supplies machines which clean tube bundles for petrochemical companies. Some types of machine are assembled by the company Burg Equipment. In order to clean the bundles properly, water at a pressure of maximum 1500 bar is sprayed into the pipes. The hard jet of water and the chemical substances released can be dangerous for the operator of the machine. The cabin manufactured by Merford protects the operator from these.

            Bundle cleaner
            The cabin and spray head of the inside bundle cleaner, as the Peinemann machine is called, can drive over a rail, so that the tube bundle can be cleared all at once without having to move. Speed is important, because the bundles are usually cleaned in large numbers during shutdowns. The machines are assembled by the Oostburg-based company Burg Equipment. Merford was asked to design and manufacture the cabin, which ensures that the operator is protected from the chemical substances and can stay dry.

            Noise and vibrations
            All the hydraulic parts and engines are in the cabin, protecting them from external damp. Furthermore, the cabin is well insulated and connected to the crane with vibration dampers. This means that the operator is not hindered during his work by noise or vibrations. The design of the cabin is streamlined and modern with a spacious interior, despite its small size.