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            Boland Partystudio

            Flamex cilinder baffles for Boland Partystudio (NL)

            Flamex cilinder baffles in Boland Partystudio
            Flamex cilinder baffles in Boland Partystudio

            Boland Partystudio is the Rotterdam branch of Boland Party Partners, a firm that specialises in party articles. The company has a studio in Rotterdam where new articles are designed. The studio, comprising office space and a workshop, is located on the ground floor of a listed building on the Westzeedijk. Working together with the Rotterdam-based interior design firm of Mars Interieurarchitecten, Merford built a special acoustic ceiling incorporating Flamex cylinder baffles.

            The attractive pattern of the ceiling was designed by the architect and its technical specifications were calculated by Merford. Thanks to the baffles incorporated in the ceiling, this open-plan office has become a quiet place to work where people can concentrate on their work without any hindrance from reverberation. The creative and inspiring design is perfectly in line with the work carried out here.