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            MD56L doors for Bimhuis Amsterdam (NL)

            MD56L doors in Bimhuis Amsterdam
            MD56L doors in Bimhuis Amsterdam

            The Bimhuis in Amsterdam provides the stage for Dutch and international jazz and improvised music. It puts on more than 250 concerts each year as part of a wide and varied programme, with attention for both contemporary developments and older trends.

            Apart from the concert hall, the Bimhuis is also home to the Bimhuis Café and a restaurant. On the one hand to prevent noise nuisance from the café to the concert hall and on the other to offer easy access between concert hall and café, sound-insulating doors had to be installed in the partition wall.

            Merford supplied and installed sound-insulating doors of the MD56L type, which are closed during concerts and ensure an undisturbed performance through optimum sound insulation.