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            Asphalt plant Puurs

            Raised housings for asphalt plant in Puurs

            Belasco operates an asphalt plant in Puurs (Belgium). The plant uses equipment that can produce a lot of noise. This could cause problems for the apartments that are soon to be built nearby, so Merford was asked to supply two vibration-free sound-insulating housings.

            The various machines used for the production of asphalt make a lot of noise. Now that new apartments are being built near the plant, the sound level produced by the entire plant must be reduced.

            Merford was contracted to install two sound-insulating housings on the machine platforms at a height of 10 and 14 metres. Since the machines produce a lot of vibrations in the structure, it was decided to place the complete sound-insulating housings, including the steel structure, vibration-free on the platforms. The housings are therefore standing more or less 'free' on the platforms.

            The assembly was scheduled to take place during a large overhaul of the plant during the winter break. During the initial discussions about the assembly, it became clear that production had to be restarted earlier than expected in order to meet market demand. As it gets very hot near the installation and there are many unprotected moving parts, it was not possible to safely assemble the housings on the platforms during production.

            In consultation with the assembly company and the crane company, Merford decided to assemble the housings as much as possible on the ground and then lift them in their entirety during a single day on which production was to be shut down.

            The housings (the largest of which is L 15 x W 4.5 x H 5 metres) were put in place according to plan. Completing this work required a 100 and 120 tonne crane, various raised platforms and a crew of 10 technicians.