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            Allseas Solitaire

            Unique operator cabin for Solitaire offshore pipelay vessel

            Allseas Tekeningen

            On behalf of ELMA, Merford has produced a custom-made cabin for the Solitaire owned by Allseas, one of the largest pipelaying vessels in the world. Pipes are welded together on this type of vessel, after which they are lowered to the bottom of the sea as a single unit, and carefully laid down in the right position. Based on a line of sight analysis, Merford developed and produced the most ideal cabin based on the characteristics of the crane and the ship. The cabin is equipped with various innovations that enable to operator to work more efficiently and which enhance his safety.

            Huge pipelaying vessel
            Allseas’ Solitaire is a floating factory. The pipes are joined together inside the vessel’s hull after which they are lowered into the water with the help of a crane. Although the Solitaire is a large vessel – 300 meters long and 41 meters wide – this sea giant does not have nearly enough storage space for all of the pipes needed for a project. In one year, the Solitaire is capable of positioning 1,000 kilometres of pipeline on the seabed. Other ships are used to supply the pipes, which are loaded onto the ship using two cranes. The operator cabin on one of these ships was due for replacement.

            Dynamic and progressive
            Using a line of sight analysis based on the crane operator’s future position, it was possible to create a cabin with the best possible layout. For example, the position of the windows, the position of the operating controls and the ergonomic Ergoseat H operator seat attached to the ceiling all promote an efficient and safe work process. The Ergoseat H makes it very easy for the crane's operator to assume a healthy work posture. In addition, this is the first time that the Ergoseat has been equipped with an overhead panel, enabling the operator to carry out his range of tasks more quickly. This also improves efficiency and safety.