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            How it all started...
            Merford was founded in 1956 in Gorinchem and initially focused on the sale of air-technology components. For many years, Merford sold a range of products such as air grates, fire valves, filters and sound dampers.

            The seventies
            All of this changed during the seventies. Limiting noise pollution became increasingly more important, particularly due to the changed legislation concerning noise pollution. Factories in residential areas were required to keep any noise disturbance for nearby residents as low as possible. Merford started to receive more and more inquiries concerning noise control products. To be able to properly respond to these client requests, a new way of working evolved at Merford. Instead of only selling products, employees began to accept entire projects. From engineering to assembly. This resulted in the creation of Merford Techniek in 1978. A Merford branch that was later renamed Merford Noise Control. To this very day, Merford Noise Control conceives innovative noise control solutions, while Merford Acoustic Materials improves sound quality using acoustic materials.

            Responding to changes and perceiving opportunities
            During the eighties and beyond, Merford continued to respond to changes in the market. For example, a fatal shooting incident in a discotheque led to a high demand for bullet-proof doors. A fire in yet another hospitality establishment pushed fireproof doors combined with sound high up on the agenda. Merford developed fitting solutions for every situation. This resulted in the creation of unique combination doors. And Merford Special Doors each day continues to respond to relevant developments and we are often a step ahead of changing requirements and laws.

            Family business
            In the eighties, Harry Vertooren, an employee, purchased the company from its founders. As such he established the basis for the family business, which is what Merford remains to this day. During this period Merford grew steadily and increasingly perceived the importance of having its own production department. This is why Merford acquired a supplier in 1990: a sheet-metal working company that also produced cabins for cranes and vehicles. It was good fortune for Merford that the demand for cabins over the past few decades kept increasing. Merford Cabins continues to work on innovative solutions that provide operators with an even more optimal working environment.

            Growth and development continue to be key elements. In 2016, Merford Special Doors expanded its product range through the acquisition of door manufacturer Alrema from Tilburg (NL). In the same year, Merford Acoustic Materials acquired the exclusive sales rights for Akoestikon sound-insulating systems. A nice addition to the range that allows Merford to offer a suitable solution for every noise problem in a building. Merford is also making international progress with the establishment of sales offices in Belgium and the United Kingdom.

            To stay ahead of the curve, Merford also focuses on development through innovation. In 2017, the English start-up Sonobex was acquired. This secures Merford not only more 'brain power' for research and development, but also incorporates a revolutionary technology for noise control. 'By leading the way, we can continue to offer solutions for the challenges of the future', says Adrienne Vertooren, who took over the day-to-day management of the company from her father in 2012.