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            Privacy statement and cookies

            Merford respects the privacy of the people who visited this website and cares about their personal information. Merford does not sell any information to third parties, except for those involved with the proper handling of your order.

            Merford uses your information to provide you with the following services:

            • When you contact us by using a form on this website, we use the information you provided to properly react to your request or question.
            • It’s possible to sign up for Merford’s newsletters on this website. We only use this information to decently send you our newsletter on a regular base.
            • Information about the way our website is used and the feedback we get from visitors help us to further develop and improve our website.

            Internal use only!
            All information is only used internal and will not be passed on to other organization for commercial purposes. We do not have any partnerships or special relationships with third parties on the internet. When we transfer or receive your information on our website, we use coding techniques acknowledged as standard within the IT-sector. We use the necessary safety requirements to prevent losing, unlawful use or changes of your information we receive on our website.

            We use cookies (small files sent by an internet server that install themselves on the hard disk of your computer) on this website. Cookies collect important information for a website to function properly. Cookies of www.merford.com are safe. They do not collect personal information and are safe for your pc, laptop, cell phone or tablet. Cookies on www.merford.com save the following information of your visit:

            • Your older activities on this site, to provide you with better service on your next visit.
            • The browser you use and the information it sends, to improve the content and presentation of this website and to meet the standards of your browser.

            For how long do cookies exist?
            Most cookies of www.merford.com disappear when closing your browser. Some cookies stay for a few days to a few years. You can delete them yourself at any time in your browser configurations. 

            Switching cookies off or deleting them
            Cookies can be deleted or switched off at any time in your browser. Please note: most websites do not function optimally when cookies are turned off.