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            Acoustic Materials

            Indispensable acoustic materials for industrial total solutions at any scale

            Acoustic materials play an important role in noise control solutions such as machinery housings or airborne sound silencers. In the industrial and OEM sector, Merford offers total solutions for noise pollution, on a large, as well as small scale. These solutions often consist of a combination of a steel structure and acoustic materials that absorb, dampen or insulate the vibrations.

            Flamexpu MNC
            Akotherm MNC
            Merfocellpu MNC
            Vibraflex MNC

            Broad product range
            The following acoustic materials are used in most cases in providing a total solution for industrial noise control:

            • Akotherm – Moisture-resistant wool plate with good noise-absorption performance and moisture suppression.
            • Merfocell PU – Good noise-absorption combined with a moisture-repellent top layer.
            • Flamex PU – Absorption foam equipped with a top layer with moisture suppression and heat resistance.
            • Isomat – Pliant insulation material.
            • Vibraflex – Anti-drumming material; strong in insulating low frequencies in combination with steel walls.
            • Regufoam – Vibration insulation material; due to various possibilities always an ideal frequency damper.

            Custom-made solutions
            The strength of an industrial noise control solution in most cases lies in the acoustic materials used. In the case of housings, this often concerns absorption materials such as Akotherm or Merfocell PU. For different machines and installations, the additional application of an anti-drumming material, such as Vibraflex, is also recommended, so that resonance is suppressed. Merford would be pleased to advise you about the most sensible approach that enables you to achieve the highest possible sound reduction for your specific situation.

            Experienced Partner
            Merford has 35 years of experience with the application of acoustic materials and total solutions in various industrial sectors, as a result of which we understand your specific problem perfectly. Merford always provides you with a ready-for-use solution. We provide noise control guarantees so that you can be sure that the solution meets your specified requirements.

            Download the technical product sheets for the most commonly applied acoustic materials from the banner on the right for additional information. 


              Applications        Features       
            • Power generators
            • Cooling machinery and systems
            • Air conditioning systems
            • Boiler houses
            • Compressor buildings
            • Machine rooms
            • Other industrial sound sources
            • Sound insulating (performance dependent on application)
            • Sound absorbent (performance dependent on application)
            • Temperature resistant (performance dependent on application)
            • Many options in relation to dimensions and finishes
              Options   Finishes  
            • Materials with water and oil-repellent top layers
            • Heat-reflective top layers
            • Our acoustic materials can be finished in virtually any conceivable way.