Collaboration with Ravo for quieter sweepers

Ravo is a worldwide supplier of street sweepers. Since street sweepers are increasingly working at night, it is important that the noise emission of the vehicle is minimal. In cooperation with Merford, Ravo develops sweepers with a greatly reduced noise emission.

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An acceptable noise level determines the comfort of the vehicle. In addition to the desired comfort, the legal noise requirement is also leading in every process in which noise emissions are reduced. Ravo asked Merford to find a way to reduce the noise emission of the sweepers by 5 dB (A). In addition, the durability of the machine had to be guaranteed and the absorption equipment had to be easy to clean.

First of all, we researched the best possible solution to achieve the desired noise reduction. Merford also took care of the engineering and production of the material. For each new sweeping machine we supply a package consisting of tailor-made absorption and anti-drumming materials. Also when Ravo develops a new machine line, we adjust the composition or shape of the package if necessary. Ravo has already produced several series with Merford's Low Noise package, the result of which can be admired in various streets around the world.