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            Sound-insulating Door

            Sound-insulating Door


            Sound insulation to Rw = 56 dB (EN-ISO 140-3)

            Merford's sound-insulating doors are perfectly suited for places that are subject to strict sound requirements. The door can be used as an outside, as well as an inside door. The special construction contributes to a very high sound insulation value.

            Geluidsisolerende deuren
            Geluidsisolerende deur ingebouwd in middeleeuws fort
            Geluidsisolerende dubbelvleugelige deuren
            Geluidsisolerende deuren met hout afwerking
            Geluidsisolerende buitendeuren

            Merford supplies different models of sound-insulating doors with different damping values; the series starts at 41 dB and ranges up to 56 dB. The table below provides a full picture of the available options and performance. It also shows the available fire-resistance options for the various door models.


            Door model




            Sound Insulation



            30 min.

            60 min.


            Rw value

            Ra pop

            Ra house

            Ra cinema

            Merford MD56L





            56 dB

            50 dB

            45 dB

            46 dB


            Merford MD55





            55 dB

            48 dB

            38 dB

            43 dB


            Merford MN53





            53 dB

            42 dB

            30 dB

            37 dB


            Merford MF51


            Standard 60 min. (NEN 6069:1991)


            51 dB

            43 dB

            33 dB

            37 dB


            Merford MFT


            Standard 120 m. (EN 1634-1)


            49 dB

            44 dB

            35 dB



            Merford MN47





            47 dB

            37 dB

            28 dB

            31 dB


            Merford MN41





            41 dB

            34 dB

            26 dB

            28 dB


            Merford EW30


            Standard 30 min. (EN 1634-1, EI-2 en EW)


            Optional sound insulation to Rw approx. 37 dB (EN 20140/717-1)


            Merford EW60


            Standard 60 min. ( EN 1634-1, EI-2 and EW or 120 min. (EN 1634-1, EW) fire resistance


            Optional sound insulation to Rw approx. 33 dB (EN 2014/717-1)

            If you are looking for a still higher sound insulation rating, you can make use of a tandem construction (two doors placed closely one after the other) or by installing doors in series to achieve values higher than 56 dB. Contact us for additional information.

            Combining Features
            Many of our doors can be enhanced with optional features. For example, the sound-insulating doors can be expanded to include:

            Brandwerend Fire-resistance up to 120 minutes (NEN 6069-1991/EN 1634-1)
            Anti Paniek Panic bar (EN 179/EN 1125)
            Anti Inbraak Burglar-resistance in accordance with Resistance Class II and III (EN 1627)
            Kogelwerend Bullet-resistance in accordance with Class FB4 (EN 1522-1)
            Atex Suitable for use in ATEX environments

            Go to this page for additional information about combining features.

            Sound-insulating Doors - Applications
            Merford's sound-insulating doors are perfectly suited for a wide range of applications. Some examples:

            • Technical areas (laboratories, compressor rooms, emergency power generating rooms, motor rooms, test rooms)
            • Theatres and concert halls
            • Cinemas
            • Cafés and discotheques
            • Government buildings
            • Offices and conference halls
            • Recording, TV and radio studios
            • Non-residential buildings

            Relevant cases

            • Barco Kortrijk
              Barco new head office: special doors for a special building

              Classrooms, an auditorium, demonstration rooms, a restaurant, meeting rooms and office areas, and an exceptional circular architecture.Barco’s new, multifunctional head office in Kortrijk, Belgium, presented many challenges for all involved parties. Merford supplied custom-made doors that combined multiple requirements relating to design and functionality.

            • Praxair
              Total acoustic solution for Praxair compressor building in Antwerp

              In 2013, the American company, Praxair, announced the construction of a second air separation plant in the port of Antwerp. The plant is scheduled to be delivered in mid-2016. Merford has equipped a large compressor building in this plant with measures designed to make the entire building silent to its surroundings.

            • Endemol
              XL sound-insulating doors Endemol studios

              Endemol is an Amsterdam-based production company that produces multiplatform entertainment content, including numerous well-known television programmes. Its premises include a number of studios in which various soap operas and sports programmes are recorded. Merford recently fitted the studios with new extra-large sound-insulating doors.